Greg Centuri loves the smell of socks and sneakers



When Greg Centuri, a European hottie, walks into a shot, you know you’re onto a winner. The air of arrogance and dick on this tall, dark, and brooding man is to die for!

Greg discovers tattooed, scallywag Jonathan Darko dozing off on a couch, he wakes him by pressing his enormous meat on his lips. Jonathan begins sucking Greg into a state of complete arousal right away.

Greg thrusts his thick dick into Jonathan’s sharp, wet lips, Jonathan rocks and pivots his crotch. Clearly, Jonathan has a terrific dick. Greg savours each moment of the sensual, slippery, salivary experience as he grinned sloppily and threw his head back in utter delight.

After a while, Jonathan gets up, leans against the kitchen counter, and shows Greg his ass. His tight boxers with the ass cut out wonderfully frame his peach-coloured buttcheeks. Greg gently squats to acquire the best angle before slowly pushing the bottom boy with his dick. Jonathan winces and tries to control his breathing as he is startled by the size and girth of Greg’s weapon.

Greg doesn’t allow Jonathan much time to adjust before he starts slamming his enormous meat hard and quickly in and out of his small, twitching hole. Jonathan attempts to maintain his composure, but he is aware that the horny, hung-over top man is tearing his ass apart and seems to be enjoying every minute of his cunningly destructive mission!

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